Our philosophy


We love the sea and the oceans! Sailing is just the best way to stay in close contact with nature, and we just love what we do.

And whilst sailing in a gentle breeze and under a sunny sky is what we wish for all the time, we cannot hide that there may be moments where you would rather be securely tied up in a safe harbour. And when (not if) that happens, you want to make sure that you are prepared for it.

This is what we see as our main goal: to get you ready to enjoy the best sailing holidays with your family and friends, by making you fit to handle that one storm, breakdown or unforeseen circumstance that could potentially be unpleasant, if you are not properly prepared.

So here is what you can expect during our courses:

- You will be led by highly qualified RYA instructors, who have sailed and taught for thousands of miles

- You will progressively take charge of the boat as the week goes and work to become fully autonomous

- You will be sailing for at least 9 hours per day (weather permitting), learning new things and practising them until you can execute all the manoeuvres safely and with confidence

- You will be sailing at night, in total darkness and using only traditional navigation methods, making it the absolute highlight event of the week, and an experience you will never forget!

- At the end of each day, you will be enjoying a cold drink, dive in the sea for a refreshing swim, review the amazing progress you have made and maybe have a laugh recounting the funny anecdotes that inevitably happen during an intense yet very rewarding sailing day

- You will end the week having built much confidence in your sailing skills, having made great friends out of total strangers and looking forward to go back on a sailing yacht


Our Team

Our team of passionate and patient sailing instructors have been trained by the RYA. They have a wealth of experience to help you get the best out of your course.

Our Skippers and Instructors have been selected with two main criteria in mind:

- Their professional qualifications (all of us are at minimum qualified as RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, and have sailed and taught for thousands of miles).

- Their passion for what they do: we all just love being on the water! Transferring our passion to anyone willing to learn or join in is what keeps us going!

Professional yet easy-going, their passion for sailing is contagious!

Also important for you to know, at White Wake Sailing safety comes always before anything else! You can rest assured that should the weather not play for us, our skippers and instructors will always put the safety and comfort of crew, students, guests first.

White Wake sailing - Franco Del Fabbro

Franco Del Fabbro

 Principal & Chief Instructor


RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean

RYA SRC / VHF Assessor

RYA Shorebased Instructor

FB3 Austrian License

Simonetta Simoneau - White Wake Sailing

Simonetta Simoneau

 Sailing Instructor


RYA Cruising Instructor

RYA Shorebased Instructor

RYA SRC / VHF Assessor

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore

Our boat

Our boat is a Salona 44 called Neda 1. She is 13.5m long, has 4 double cabins, two WC, a bow thruster and all the safety equipment you can imagine. She is twin wheeled and her keel is 2.55m deep, which means less heeling in strong winds and better upwind performance.

She is kitted with a furling Genoa and a Mainsail with 2 reefs and we can also hoist a Gennaker or a Storm Jib, depending upon circumstances. She sails safely, beautifully and fast, even in light winds, so it is rare that we get stuck and have to use our engine.

As we care for our environment, we have kitted her with solar panels, which on a sunny are more than enough to supply us with most of the energy that we need for our appliances and instruments.

Where we are

Practical sailing courses location

White Wake Sailing - RYA Practical Sailing Courses
Our Base in Marina Kremik - Primosten

Our RYA Practical Sailing Courses take place from the modern Marina Kremik in Primosten, Croatia, just 30 min drive from the Split Airport. Within a radius of just 20 nautical miles, we can reach a number of beautiful islands and towns among the crystal clear waters of the croatian archipelago. Learning to sail has never been more enjoyable!

RYA Theory courses location

White Wake Sailing, RYA theory sailing courses

Our RYA Theory and VHF / SRC Marine Radio Courses take place in the modern facilities of the American International School, located in Salmannsdorfer strasse 47, 1190 Vienna