Learn to sail in Croatia!

Have you never been on a boat before?

Have you been crewing on other boats and now you want to become a skipper?

Have you got your skipper license already, but wish to get more experience?

At White Wake Sailing we have a sailing course for every level!


White Wake Sailing Croatia


Our sailing courses last for a full six days, and have a max of 5 students per boat! This means you get 20% more practice time than with most other schools, and you get to sail among the beautiful croatian islands! 


We sail on modern boats that are constantly maintained and regularly checked to ensure the highest safety standards!


At White Wake Sailing, we are so passionate about sailing, we have made it our mission to transfer it to as many people as possible!!


Sailing in Croatia - White Wake sailing

White Wake sailing is a RYA certified sailing school. Our shorebased centre is located in Vienna (Austria). Our practice courses take place in Marina Kremik, Primosten (Croatia), 30 min drive from the international airport of Split.


Our instructors have sailed and taught for thousands of miles and hold the highest qualifications from the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). This is possibly the best and most respected sailing organisation in the world.

At White Wake Sailing we know that learning to sail can be a bit stressful at the beginning. That is why we follow a strict 'no-shouting' policy, so you can feel comfortable and at ease right from the start. You can then learn to sail without stress and at your own pace. 


Sunset in Croatia - White Wake sailing

And at the end of an intense sailing day, we always find time for some fun and a swim in the crystal clear waters of Croatia. With so many islands and bays to choose from, we are never more than a couple of hours away from a beautiful spot to drop our anchor. And what best than to celebrate a great sailing day with a cold drink in your hand under a starry sky? The chirping of thousands of crickets will be the only sound to gently accompany you to a well deserved restoring sleep...

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