Our RYA sailing courses

Please scroll below for a short description of the wide range of Theory and Practical sailing courses on offer. There is a course for every need and most importantly for every skill or knowledge level.  Our theory courses take place in Vienna or Online, whilst our practical sailing courses are in Croatia. If in doubt on what may be right for you, just give us a call at +43 664 88360842 or email us at info@white-wake.com


A few very important points that you should take into consideration when comparing prices of practical courses:

- Our practical courses run for a whole week, not for just 5 days!

- You can stay onboard our yacht from the day the courses start (Saturday) until the night AFTER the course ends (Friday to Saturday) at no extra cost, thus saving on accomodation expenses!

- There are no hidden exam fees!

- RYA Handbook and Log book are included in the course, so you don't have to pay separately for them!

RYA Theory courses

RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship

White Wake Sailing- RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship course


Beginner / Intermediate

A fundamental theory course to learn the basics of navigation. Excellent for both the absolute beginner as well as for the skipper needing a refresh.  

Learn the basics about buoyage, lateral and cardinal buoys, rules of the roads, three point fix, safety onboard, tides and weather, where to anchor and how and much more... 

Choose between the Online course to study from home at your own pace, or the Classroom version more social and interactive, which lasts two full days

RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship course - White Wake Sailing

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Theory

White Wake Sailing - RYA Yactmaster Offshore theory course

Level: Advanced

An intensive theory course to first refresh navigation basics, and dig deeper on weather, tides and tidal streams, passage planning and pilotage. We will also cover in detail height of tides in primary and secondary ports, course to steer, transits. A must for the skippers who have been day sailing in coastal waters and want to adventure in longer passages, by day and by night and/or in tidal waters. 

Three exam papers will lead you to obtain the Yachtmaster shorebased certificate.

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore theory - White Wake Sailing

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean

White Wake Sailing - RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course

Level: Advanced

Learn to navigate without any electronic instruments and only relying on the Sun, the Moon and the stars. A fascinating journey to learn the secrets of how to use a Sextant and prepare you to obtain the Yachtmaster Ocean shorebased certificate.

Outdated stuff? Maybe, as long as the GPS still works...

We will also review key notions of ocean meteorology and ocean passage planning

Yachtmaster Ocean - White Wake Sailing

RYA Practical Sailing Courses

RYA Competent Crew

White Wake - RYA competent crew course

Level: Beginner

 The best way to start sailing! Good if you are an absolute beginner or you have been on a boat before and want to play a more active role. This course will introduce you to the basics of sailing without any stress and anxiety and you will become a competent and confident crew member!

RYA Competent Crew - White Wake Sailing

RYA Day Skipper

White Wake - RYA Day Skipper course

Level: Intermediate

If you already know your way around a sailing yacht and would like to be able to charter one yourself, then this is the course for you! Learn how to confidently moor and leave a pontoon, set sail and anchor safely, to enjoy your sailing vacation with family and friends

RYA Day Skipper - White Wake Sailing

RYA Coastal Skipper

White Wake Sailing - RYA Coastal Skipper course

Level: Intermediate

You have your Day Skipper licence, but would like to adventure further out and on longer passages? This course main focus is on passage planning,  tides, weather forecasts and execute a longer passage in safety by day and by night

RYA Coastal Skipper - White Wake Sailing

RYA Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore

White Wake sailing - RYA Yachtmaster Offshore course

Level: Advanced

A worldwide recognised 'seal' of seamanship! The RYA Yachtmaster Offshore practical course is for those who are ready to leave the shore behind them and set sail in unfamiliar waters. Passage planning, night pilotage, tides and tidal streams all come into play after an intensive theory course and exam

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore - White Wake Sailing